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An annual visit for a veterinary dental cleaning is an important part of your pet’s oral health care program. Annual dental procedures under general anesthesia allow your veterinarian to visually examine each tooth and use a dental probe around each tooth, in addition to obtaining radiographs to evaluate the tooth structure that cannot be seen with the naked eye. When you do this regularly, your pet’s mouth is evaluated, thoroughly cleaned and any bacteria or beginnings of periodontal disease can be addressed immediately before it causes extensive and expensive damage. 

What’s Involved:


Bloodwork is mandatory for all our dental patients because this helps us evaluate your pet’s internal organ functions and allows us to better know if your pet is healthy enough to go under anesthesia.


Your pet is always monitored when they are under anesthesia. This means one of our trained veterinary technicians closely monitors your pet’s blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, electrocardiogram, respiratory rate and body temperature. Intravenous fluids are also administered throughout the procedure to help maintain your pet’s blood pressure and provide intravenous access for additional drugs if they are needed. Your pet is always kept warm with warming blankets during the procedure.






    In Case of Emergency

    In case of an emergency, please call the hospital immediately. 

    Phone: (700) 555-5555
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